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Schleich Vexy Movie Smurf Toy Figure

Rating 4
Vexy Movie Smurf Toy Figure
Schleich Vexy Movie Smurf Toy Figure Image 1


Model: 20757
Package Quantity: 1

Sweet plus adorable Vexy Movie Smurf Toy . I think you will love that the item features this feature, very is one of the naughties girls she is sassy and wild and that makes her so cute. Other highlights include things like highly detailed and hand painted. It's dimensions are 2.2" Height x 1.2" Length x 2.4" Width. 20757 is the manufacturer's number for this Smurf toy. vexy movie smurf toy .

Vexy is amongst the Naughties girls! Perhaps she and Smurfette is going to be actual good close friends some day. She might be sassy and wild, but she's also just really cute! But she's not mean! She belongs to Gargamel, who created her.


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