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Smurf Decade Set 2000'S

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Smurf Decade Set 2000S
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Model: 41259
Package Quantity: 1

A child is going to hug to the Smurf Decade Set 2000'S . One of the several major features for this toy is the quality construction features include hand-painted detailing. Additional features consist of smurfs do everyday things, just like us, set includes 5 smurfs and 2000-2009 collection. It's dimensions are 9.5" Height x 14" Length x 11" Width, select the weblink below.

More than 50 years of Smurfs from Schleich. This set contains Smurf figures which had been available from Schleich between 2000 and 2009. So they had to function in a"Finest of"collection for the final 50 years.


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