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Smurf Decade Set 1960'S

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Smurf Decade Set 1960S


Model: 41255
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Smurf Decade Set 1960'S is really sweet. One of the several major characteristics is the add to your collection or introduce a child to the magical world of smurfs. Other highlights consist of smurfs do everyday things, just like us, 1950-1969 collection and set includes 5 smurfs. It's 9.5"H x 14"L x 11"W and has got a weight of 0.4 lbs. Lowest price Smurf Decade Set 1960'S . To see the great deal I uncovered, click on our store link on this site.

More than 50 years of Smurfs from Schleich. So they had to feature in a"Best of"collection for the final 50 years. This set consists of Smurf figures which had been available from Schleich between 1960 and 1969.


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