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Monopoly: The Smurfs Collector's Edition Board Game

Rating 4
Monopoly The Smurfs Collectors Edition
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Model: MN091-373
UPS: 700304045690
Color: multiple
Package Quantity: 1

Baby is going to snuggle to a Monopoly: The Smurfs, in multiple . I really loved that it had the feature of includes 6 custom tokens: papa smurf, smurfette, brainy, vanity, grouchy and jokey. Other highlights include things like 2-6 players and for smurf lovers 8 and over. It's dimensions are 1.25" Height x 10" Length x 20" Width. It weighs close to 0.14 lbs. The color for the Smurf toy is multiple. Save on the multiple, monopoly: the smurfs collector's edition .

It's the Smurfiest MONOPOLY ever! Copyright 2013 USAOPOLY. Customized edition allows fans to buy, sell, and trade classic places in the Smurfs' village such as Papa Smurf's lab, Smurfette's flower garden, and Hefty Smurf's weight area. © 2013. Tra-La-La-La-La your way about the board, buying properties with Smurfberries! Copyright 1935, 2013 HASBRO. Licensed by way of Lafig Belgium. Includes 6 collectible tokens: Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy, Vanity, Grouchy, and Jokey. Ages 8 and up. For 2-6 players.


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