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Mega Bloks Harmony Smurf (21 Pcs)

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Harmony Smurf

Mega Brands

Model: 10704
UPS: 065541107045
Package Quantity: 1

Harmony Smurf is just extremely cute. I in fact liked that the product had inspired by the animated 1980s tv show, the smurfs. Additional features include things like age 4+ and 21 pieces. The toy weighs approximately 0.66 lbs. Best deal on Harmony Smurf . To order the product now at the cheapest price, check out our store button on this site.

Mega Bloks Harmony Smurf Deep inside the forest very far from here lies a magical village full of mushroom-shaped homes and our tiny blue pals that stand 3 apples high The Smurfs! 5 X 11. With enough practice, Harmony hopes that one particular day the other Smurfs will gather about his score to enjoy his music and instead not trying and cease him from playing! Build and rebuild Harmony Smurf's music practicing area where he continues to try and turn out to be a master musician. 25 X 2. Product Measures: 19. 5Recommended Ages: 4 years - 7 years


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